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Clinically driven, thoughtfully designed.

Welcome to Inpatient Care Flow

Clinically driven,
thoughtfully designed.

A suite of applications designed with input at every stage from clinicians and staff on the ground.

The suite contains applications thoughtfully designed for each discipline of inpatient care.

Ward PT


Patient is tracked from entering hospital to discharge. Clinically led system ensures efficiency.



Specialised referral modules are designed for each dicipline. Outcomes are sent to the consultant.

Booking App


Ambulatory module allows booking into clinic and treatment areas. Versatile question builder for data capture.


Ops Room

Hospital and Ward Operations dashboards. Enables management of usage.



Integration with current EHR / EMR Systems. Many products currently supported.

Central Service


Central service allows full audit and integration facilities. Centralised logging, audit and integration.

Ward Patient Track Module

The Ward module facilitates the tracking/management of each patient’s journey.

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Ambulatory Module

The Ambulatory module allows patients to be booked into treatment areas and clinics.

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Operations Dashboard

Operations Room module solves real-time logistics and communications challenges.

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Ward Patient Track

Inpatient Care Flow’s Ward module facilitates the tracking/management of each patient’s journey from the moment the decision to admit is taken through to discharge.

Patient admissions can either be recorded directly within the application or forwarded to the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Alternatively, the EHR can push inpatient admissions to Inpatient Care Flow’s Ward Module.

Novosco's Inpatient Care Flow consists of three primary complimentary modules; Ward Module, Bed Management and Operations Dashboard. When used in tandem these facilitate the efficient management of inpatients from both a clinical and operational perspective.

Ward Module

Bed Management

Ops Module

Ward Take List

Clicking on a patient tile results in a detail/action pane becoming visible allowing clinicians and medical personnel to quickly view extended patient information and action journey milestones.

Patient Actions

Within the ward module the patient’s EDD, Infection Status, Target Ward, Consultant and Specialty can be recorded aiding in the day to day management of the ward.

At any stage medical staff can record ‘Nurse’ or general notes against the patient which can then be utilised at ‘handover’ sessions. Active patients can be transferred to other wards, with patients not resident on their ‘target ward’ designated as being inliers/outliers with an indicator present on the patient “Tile”.

Patient Journey

Initially each patient undergoes a clinical review the outcome of which determines the patient’s priority and care needs. Referrals are automatically forwarded to the appropriate services for action (e.g. Physio) while management plans allow medical staff to record against Imaging, Bloods, Procedure and Treatments. Upon completion of all referrals and management plans, patients move to the final stage of their journey i.e. the recording of their medical outcome. Recording of the medical outcome consists of three distinct phases

  1. Patient is recorded as being clinically fit
  2. Patient is deemed medically fit (with the recording of complex care needs)
  3. Discharge

Bed Management

Inpatient Care Flow’s Bed Management module facilitates the tracking and management of beds and subsequent patient allocations across NHS Trust wards and sites. Ward layouts are customisable with provision for the use of bays, side rooms, private and ward specific naming conventions.

Patients admitted to a ward are initially held in a queue, prior to being transferred to a suitable open bed. Bed reallocation can be achieved through the use of the provided shuffle function which provides the ability to propose a bed layout prior to committing. The status of bed can change on a ward at any time, to facilitate this Inpatient Care Flow’s Bed Management module provides the ability to open, close and suspend beds

Referral Module

Inpatient Care Flow’s Referral module supports service improvements to reduce waiting times and improve patient access to Allied Health Professionals (AHP). AHP referrals will be implemented to collate medical information to expedite the referral, and present this information into the AHP Patient Track application. Active referrals will be stored within the AHP PT for recording of patient notes through to outcome. Referrals will be centralised and accessible to all AHP’s team.

  1. Clearer understanding of AHP case mix
  2. Correct clinical resource can be matched to case complexity
  3. More real-time clinical audit, evaluation and research
  4. Service information derived from clinical recording
  5. Demand, Capacity, Workload and Workforce data available to service
  6. Improved patient care

Module Features

Current referral processes are very time consuming and on occasion the patient was lost to care, as the process was reliant on manual intervention. Through the introduction of the AHP referral process staff can expedite the referrals and forward initial information (through completion of referral questions) on the patient referral status. AHP referrals are forwarded to AHP screen allowing the AHP’s to manage workload and update on the referral status. The AHP screen also records responses to referral questions and the patient demographics are available. To ensure safety the patient is unable to move to the medically ready for discharge stage until the referral has been completed on the AHP screen, or the ward overrides this safety trigger by entering the override code for the referral. The AHP referral screen is configurable to allow for the addition of new referral service areas, and can be managed by the Inpatient Care Flow Administrator.

Ambulatory Care Unit

Inpatient Care Flow’s Ambulatory module has been developed to meet the needs of the Ambulatory Care unit and Re-attenders of the Clinical Assessment Unit. Through the introduction of Novosco’s Inpatient Care Flow staff have the ability to plan and book appointments within these units and track the patient care through Patient Track module to outcome.

Ambulatory care is provided on an outpatient basis, including diagnosis, observation, consultation, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation services. Additional services for the Ambulatory Care unit can include advanced medical technology and procedures even when provided outside of hospitals. Inpatient Care Flow’s function is as a central repository for all activity within these units.

Inpatient Care Flow’s adheres to the patient pathways to ensure safety and to expedite care, which improves the patient experience that results in fewer emergency admissions to hospital.

Booking App

Actions Page

Booking Overview

Overview page showing bed usage.


Management Reports

Operations Dashboard

Inpatient Care Flow’s Operations Dashboard module provides managers and flow personnel the ability to gain a high level perspective of the operational status of the hospital from a bed/ward/specialty point of view. Ward pressures, capacity and infection status are easily identifiable allowing for a proactive rather than a reactive approach.

In tackling hospital workflow improvements, Novosco have deployed the Ops module to solve the real-time logistics and communications challenges faced daily by hospital departments, administrators, physicians, nurses, technicians, and clerks. The CRS will continuously coordinate and help prioritize the activities of all parties throughout each of their workdays.


Ops Dashboard Top Level Overview.

Hospital View

Usage by hospital. With the ability to drill down into ward / specialty levels.

EHR / EMR Integration

Inpatient Care Flow’s Integration module addresses the major issues associated with no centralised location for patient information, Inpatient Care Flow integrates with existing third party hospital applications and automates updates to them. Through the adoption of Inpatient Care Flow hospitals have identified where tasks are duplicated and automated process to remove repetitive tasks and reduce costs.

Increased collaboration within Inpatient Care Flow addresses gaps in care plans and reduces ineffective or unnecessary process steps. This allows hospitals and healthcare providers to work easier as a team to better align, or realign, their efforts to improve quality, patient safety, and patient/family satisfaction.

The adoption of the Integration module the Inpatient Care Flow hospital system becomes a focused seamless system of care across and between healthcare providers. This ensures the patient gets the right care through the efficient accesses of patients’ medical records in real-time and relevant communication to meet patient care needs. Inpatient Care Flow’s integration role is to allow the hospital systems and healthcare networks to achieve their core objective to ensure high standard of patient care and safety, whilst also reducing the patient’s length of stay.

Centralized Services

Inpatient Care Flow saves all transactions recorded against the patient episode from admission to discharge, and is the primary source for all information on the patient journey. Inpatient Care Flow service is configured to be a complete timeline of the patient journey within the hospital and to report on the users that have completed these transactions along with date and time.

There is ability to search for the patient (old and new) and the outcome results are available for selection. Once the appropriate patient is selected there is ability to view the patient journey in timeline or review the logs against the patient that indicate the origins of the update t i.e. Admission date was transferred from ED application or was changed within Inpatient Care Flow.

Patient Journey Audit

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